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Women are not punished in this world for acting ‘like men’. We are punished for acting like human beings. In our world, only men are human. They take that label for themselves, they accord themselves social and economic and legal privileges because of it, and they declare women other and different and make damn sure that we wear our inferiority in whatever way they tell us to. Through our clothing and our hairstyles and our submissive and ingratiating behaviours.

Any time a woman gives herself the right to be fully clothed, to have access to forums and spaces in which to express her ideas and opinions, to work in fields which men declare unsuitable, to be comfortable and free of bodily restriction, she is (knowingly or not) refusing to accept her inferior sex-caste status. We are declaring our right to be human. Not our right to be men, our right to be human. Got it?

The association of man with human is so pervasive, yet invisible, that women refusing to accept inferior status is equated with wanting to be men, rather than with wanting to be human, which is surely more accurate. And it is difficult to get away from…

So there was no immediate fallout for what happened on Thursday, not that I was really expecting anything (bar an in person apology since one already apologized via text). The instructor did say in no uncertain terms that anyone who does shit like that again will not be able to take the final exam so that hopefully puts an end to it. He didn’t explicitly mention me but I think everyone knew. Also I finished my test before everyone else, which is typical of me, so none of them had time to talk to me if they were.

Whatever I just want to go on my vacation and as far as I’m concerned it’s done.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
If the protagonist is queer, and the story doesn't revolve around romance, then why is the protagonist queer in the first place if it's largely irrelevant? I'm simply curious .
athenaltena athenaltena Said:




Because our lives are not defined by romance and sex and we deserve better and more diverse stories than that.

"If straight people don’t get to gawk over your sex lives then what’s the point of you existing?"

I’m still always shocked that Mari actually lets me perform on the “cat drum” i.e. her belly when she’s flopped on her back on the floor.

When I was showing the guy who’ll be watching her around I mentioned that I don’t know if anyone but me can get away with that and to just be cautious.

I still cannot believe that in my practice session for the EMT certification test I put the pads for the AED on backwards.

The worst part? The pads have illustrations on them telling you which one goes where. And I can’t use the sexist bullshit that was said during the class since that happened after. I was simply out to lunch mentally.



I’m watching X-Men (2000) and holy shit everyone looks so young. Hugh Jackman looks like a goddamn college student. Anna Paquin was practically a fetus.

And then there’s Patrick Stewart. He looks the same as I imagine he did in 976 AD.

couldn’t find a picture from then but here he is around 30 AD


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One bit of cognitive dissonance I completely fail to understand is how people who know I’m a lesbian can make gay jokes in my presence and then act puzzled when I call them out on it and respond with “Well I wasn’t talking about lesbians! I was talking about gay guys!”

They honestly seem to think that makes a difference.